What is Paper Color’s vision on Valentine’s Day?

There are many interesting facts of Valentine’s Day that each countries bring about. For instances, Japanese has White Valentine. Or in England, Valentine’s Day is the time when people give each other silver spoons as an imprint of love. However, most Vietnamese considers that Valentine does not reserve only for couples. If you are single, you can enjoy this day like normal couples do. The fact is Valentine is a celebration of love without limit or restriction. Let’s forget the common point that only couples can spend this love day in peace, while singles stay at home and get bitter online. It is the time to extend the love between family members, friends or even strangers.

PaperColor aims to create the engagement of people to bring us together so that the distance of generation, geographical distance and emotional distance do not become difficult.

If you enjoy a day at home, let #PaperColor show you how to make a small pop-up card which you can give your beloved on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.


  1. Text-weight paper
  2. Glue stick
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Card stock
  5. Petal templates


Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
.::Paper Color::.
Let Us Say Your Feelings



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