Connect others in International Women’s Day with love

While most men are happy and in love with their wives, there must be a reason behind the circumstantial men’s hug or the explanation for the appearance of “bromance”. Because men know an act of kindness will increase the level of Oxytocin hormones which make them happier, elevate worries and in turn boost human’s connection. When people find others to express their feelings by cuddling, saying words of encouragement or giving, why don’t you do it with your beloved ones on this upcoming March 8th?

Paper Color knows that love is shared and felt not only by physical touch but also by words. While touches certainly are a great way to make your significant other feel appreciated and loved, there are many ways to fill the love parameter such as words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts and act of service.

Before spending more time to read further, take a moment to look at these quotes and give yourself an honest answer: “How often do you express your love towards the woman of your life?”

1.      I gave it a try and think that it’s not necessary

2.      I have made several attempts. Some was rejected by my special one.

3.      I express my gratitude toward her several times and it’s great to see her smile after I remind how special she is once in awhile.

If your answer is 1. Well, it’s not too late to show the world how your significant other means to you as much as you are meant to her. Before leaving this post, at least you will know how to change someone’s perspective and increase your social life standard. And if your answer is 2, welcome to the world of the social norms. Sometimes a decent text is just not enough for her. Or she is just too tired after a long busy day. No worries. As long as you realize the depth of your love to her, there are rules and principles you can follow to elevate her tiresome. Any adorable and nerdy expression will cheer her up at this point. If your answer is 3, you really are a person to keep and you will be appreciated through the rest of your life. If you’re feeling generous, let’s share with us some of your stories sometimes.

Today, opportunities don’t come knock on your doors as they can be created. A special gift comes from the heart as long as it helps to draw the bridge between two people closer. It will be easier and smoother if we have the right tool. The best moment comes if the feeling is right.  Pop up card is one of the great tools to connect others in the upcoming International Women’s Day as you can write meaningful wishes to express your feelings to your special one. Let Paper Color initiate the moment and you can share the experience with your significant other on International Women’s Day.


Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
.::Paper Color::.
Let Us Say Your Feelings



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