Time management – 30 minutes on doing nothing

Short or long?

What are you going to experience with 30 minutes at your time budget, if you have a chance of doing nothing? Yoga practice? Reading a book? Personally, I spent .. 5 minutes on yoga mediation, the remaining time I spent on wondering what should I do tomorrow – cook a favorite meal, go to a Pho restaurant, reschedule my timetable, so on and so forth. It seems like the list is endless and I haven’t done these interesting activities for a hundred years. Later, I phoned my friends and asked if she wanted to have a cup of coffee outside. I found out that I asked her the same question about time management. She gave me the answer immediately “beer” or “gym” (I should have thought of a bottle of beer earlier). The same replies I got from others including work, enjoy a short film, surf the internet, Facebook, or just simply meditate. However, no one chose to send a short message to the one they love, or spend 30 minutes just to go out and sight seeing. Why is that? Perhaps people are too tired and have fed up going out during weekdays. Or people are just too busy to think of going outside to catch some fresh air. Maybe some people just don’t need solitude. How about spend 30 minutes logging offline and create an awesome DIY pop up card for your loved ones?

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Is there any way I can express my feelings better? How do I do that? Nowadays, we are surrounded by the attractiveness of social media. I have work that includes the use of social network. My friends work in IT field, or jobs in video making. That is to say today humans cannot live without social media. Ironically, these tools which are supposed to bring us closer make us feel welcomed virtually and isolated in reality. That’s why I rarely check emails except the email I use at work. I call my mom whenever I can and chat with my relatives at least twice a week. Sometimes, I make a dream catcher to give them on a random days. After working at Paper Color, I start to learnhow to make pop up card as well. Of course, these cards cannot be as good as the professional but they are easy to make and can be done with prepared materials as suggested in the previous post. What I want to say is let’s spend 30 minutes to enjoy ourselves in solitude and make something to bring ourselves together such as pop up cards – a handmade card that contains surprising element that can bring anyone to joy. Nevertheless, we can choose whatever means we have to connect with others. And if we find a good solution, why miss it out?


Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
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