DIY – Materials for a beautiful kirigami

Sometimes, the feeling of being overwhelmed at work by surrounding factors are hard to avoid. However, not all of them were created with the purpose of distracting our business. Instead, I take it as an advantage to level myself up and later reward myself a relaxing time with DIY tutorials on YouTube. Actually, I am inspired by this new form of art and want to share these interesting baby steps in paper cutting that you can easily follow to make a pop up card of your own.


1. Cutting board                            2. Scalpel

3. Card or paper                            4. Glue stick

5. Masking Tape                           6. A template image that you can cut out

7. Clear sticky tape                      8. White paper

9. Ruler

If you’re an artist, don’t be afraid to show off the world your little talent. Or to save time you can go to the internet and print in another piece of paper so that you don’t have to erase any lines. I suggest to use the line art from 1900’s work as it works pretty well with this type of paper cutting and a lot of thinking concept is done for you.

Using the blades and scalpel to cut out details. Any scalpel or cutting knife will do. Trace it with the lines and enhance the beauty of the image by your liking. When it comes to sharp point, use the scalpels. A normal knife cutter just won’t do the job.

Spare blades are useful to cut out large chunk of leftover paper. Take a note of the number (10A for instance) in the blade’s description, because there are different types of blade shapes.

For the card, be generous. It can be a paper that is as thick as 385 GSM (about 2mm thick) or rice paper. Rock on your own style. But remember that the thinner the paper is, the easier it is to cut, but the less it will tolerate mistakes and tearing.


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