A little information of Kirigami

Pop up card has a long history dated back in Japan. Originated by the word “Kirigami” which means Paper and Cutting, pop up card can transfer a real life objects into a piece of paper. Every pop up card artists in Paper Color works effortlessly to blow souls into each items to bring these cards into life.

Paper cutting artwork is a way to have pieces of art fastened to a piece of card so that when the page is turned, a 3 dimensional cut of the object is formed and moved along with the card.

This idea is created back in Victorian era by Luther Meggendorfer, an entrepreneur who foreseen the possibility of turning simple card into a lively moving object. There are different styles of pop up card including hand-printing, ribbon or doors and windows that reveal multiple layers and rivets for support and mechanical motion.

The function of pop up cards by Paper Color is made to stay true to the real life object’s spirit and to enhance its beauty. All products of Paper Color use laser cutting and engraving technique to create these funny and amazing pop up cards.

Our artist can custom design and hand-made pop up cards to any size. Multiple layers and tabs are carefully inserted by our workers to reveal special sentiments.

Paper Color’s greeting pop up cards are used with different occasions and with that we can use as a replacement for normal card and other related items in various occasions such as invitation, calendar, pop up books, and even bookmark.

Nowadays, in Vietnam, it is easy to see pop up cards in every corner of souvenir shops or in front of the church, the museum where youngsters and small vendors display a wide arrange of colorful pop up cards. My suggestion of places to go to start a greeting card’s collection is Notre Damn Cathedral Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office, War Remnants Museum Saigon. When going there, the visitors can buy these amazing greeting cards for a decent price. Pop up cards can be replacement for calendar, book or invitation cards which sure to bring the amusement and surprise of the recipients.


Paper Color – Birthday Gift Box


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