Vietnamese Sweet Valentine’s Day

Another summer is signaled by heatwave after Valentine’s Day. It is the time that people come together to enjoy great blossoms and chilling wine. Many people around the world love Valentine’s Day along with their sweet meanings. There are many surrounding myths of this special day. You can have a look at 10 Special Days of Love from the Huffington Post.

Today, I share with you 3 major facts that I have purposely researched to understand more about Valentine’s Day in Vietnam.

  1. Most couples would express their love by sending flowers along by gifts and pop-up cards while it is common to send chocolate as a gift in the world. Couples, especially girls would take a few days to create something special to their lovers. These gifts don’t usually cost much. It can be a grass ring (promise ring), a small scarf or a handmade#pop-up-card.
  2. It may sound absurd that it is acceptable to hire a service-lover on Valentine’s Day in Vietnam, but the truth is many of us want to feel the love on this special day too. While the journalists in Vietnam take on this matter and give proofs for the negative impact on culture, the youth tends to be more comfortable on this service and don’t take it seriously.
  3. Like many countries, Valentine is chosen as a love confession day for couples. It is common that people exchange love vows and engagement rings on this day.


In fact, few people can fully enjoy the effect of Valentine’s Day in Vietnam since it is difficult to find a good spot to buy flowers and chocolate, or a restaurant with a reasoning price. Also, most Vietnamese still considers Valentine’s Day as a chore to bring their loved one to expensive places. Valentine’s Day is still labeled as a day for the aristocrat and the youth. Vietnam do not have a specific impression of Valentine except that it is a celebration from Western countries. Although it is good to see a long journey, the adults do not find a way to transform Valentine’s Day. As a result, handmade gifts and home cooking are well-received. However, the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Vietnam is very simple. Otherwise, the national government should be more encouraging and welcoming for florist entrepreneurs and chocolate vendors to establish their market in Vietnam.


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