This is a common question that is usually asked by buyers, because most of current buyers want to create Pop up card design according their ides & request to have more special card and can competitive with other buyers.

Today, we will have the full post to mention & explain the detailed process from your ideas to ended-Pop up card. Let see below:

1. Step 1: You should send us your ideas, request or pictures, name (in case you would like to make famous place in the world), my design team will check all your info & confirm you if we can make your design. In some cases, we will consult & discuss with you more about your ideas

2. Step 2: You will be asked to confirm deposit fee (150 USD/design) before we start working on your design. Actually, deposit fee just guarantee that both of us will work seriously on your design

When we receive deposit fee from you, we will design your card & make sample for you to check

You will have three (03) times to fix designs according your requirement, after that we will have final design

3. Step 3: When you confirm final design, we will inform you price of card. The price will be depended on simple or complicated design, you can refer our selling price in our Catalog

4. Step 4: You will be requested to order 500 pcs/design in the first order when your design is finished. It means MOQ for custom design is 500 pcs/design

If you don’t want exclusive for your design: the deposit fee that you send us before will be deducted from your order, it means design fee is free. And we can use your design for our business purpose & register copyright for that design

In case, you want exclusive for your design: the deposit fee will not be refunded you, and it will be design fee that you have to send for us to create Pop up design for you. And we will not publish your design & you can register copyright for your design

All information above is the process that we create custom designs for customers, so don’t worry about it anymore, just contact us to show all your ideas, we will make all project to be possible for you.

If you still want to discuss more? Just contact us, our staff will support you asap.


Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
.::Paper Color::.
Let Us Say Your Feelings



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