Happy lunar new year comes to you with a lucky pop up card

In the traditional thinking of Asian people who celebrate Happy Lunar New Year, red color symbolizes happiness and luck. That is why red envelopes are also called lucky money and are given to people whom you want to say greetings to and wish to get luck in new year. Starting from simple kinds of red envelopes on which there are plenty of printed or painted images, nowadays, Asian people not only keep many traditional red envelopes but also develop lots of modern others. The best creative and beautiful red envelopes which we have ever had are pop up cards.

Just image that at the beginning days of Lunar New Year, when someone comes and visits you, your relatives or friends, you can bring happiness and luck to him/her by surprising with a wonderful pop up card which can pop up something exciting and give him/her little money. Your Lunar New Year will become really unforgettable and meaningful.

The different design shapes of pop up cards working as red envelopes also can send love and respective messages to the receivers. Pop up cards can be extremely funny for children, attractive for couples, luxurious for big parties or events, friendly for friendship or partnership…because these pop up cards are handmade based on your own ideas and feelings.
And where is the place of handmade pop up cards like this?

You can come to the world of pop up cards in Paper Color. In this creative field, Paper Color has a good and warm-hearted big team to listen to your ideas coming from your feelings or life experiences and try to do the best production for you. Thus, the productivity and quality of Paper Color can satisfy so many needs or requests of an individual, a team, a company or even a corporation for any events or occasions. Just come to Paper Color with all of your creative ideas and let us make them work into handmade pop up cards!

Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
.::Paper Color::.
Let Us Say Your Feelings



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